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The Office for Interception Centres (OIC) was established in terms of the Regulation of Interception of Communications and Provision of Communication related Act, 2002 (Act No.70 of 2002) and reports to the Minister for Intelligence Services ,the office provides a centralized interception service to law enforcement agencies involved in combating threats to national security.

Interception has previously been conducted independently by the Law Enforcement Agency (LEA) which may have resulted in duplication of work and resources. The formation of the Office for Interception Centres centralizes interception activities and paves the way for improved management of interception in an effort  to increase efficiency ,minimize duplication of resources and costs ,regulate and control interception environment. The Office will strive to render a timeous service to all Law Enforcement Agencies.  


Mr Brian KOOPEDI serves as the Director of the

Office for Interception Centres








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